—Fall Favorites—>

I’m basic and I love making lists, so here are my fall favorites!

favorite candle–>


I absolutely love the smells of fall. These are my two favorite from bath & body works

favorite lip color–>


A dark lip in the fall is so gorgeous to me, its hard for me not to wear lipstick every day.

favorite drink–>


As I stated previously I am basic. I love a good caramel mocha from Starbucks.

favorite blush–>


Right now I love the E.L.F. blush in Pink Lemonade

favorite clothing item–>


This is my go to outfit, but my favorite clothing item is a good military jacket.

favorite fall movie–>


Age of Adeline. This movie is my jam. It has Blake Lively, a hot bearded man, and amazing costumes.

favorite fall tv show–>


Anything Shonda Rhimes writes. She’s amazing and also crushes dreams.

favorite Halloween costume–>


This isn’t my favorite halloween costume, but my favorite halloween. This was the in 2012  at a halloween party with some of my favorite people in this world.

favorite Thanksgiving food–>


pie. no further explanation needed.

So there it is, my favorites! One day I will write an actual post!


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